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Have you completed your basic education and are now ready to get started in the working world? Are you looking for a varied training programme, a secure apprenticeship and a great working environment? Then Wander is the place for you! We offer apprenticeships in various areas – in a cool company, where excitement is guaranteed.

A Wander apprenticeship is a springboard to a successful future. We offer you opportunities for personal and professional growth and provide you with the ideal platform to prove your abilities and commitment every day. To do this, we offer comprehensive, practice-oriented training and individual guidance to ensure that you are well-prepared for the demands of the working world and open up exciting career opportunities for you. 
You will receive a detailed training programme so that you know what’s ahead of you. After your orientation, you’ll start with your everyday work.

Our qualified trainers will share their industry knowledge with you. They’ll discuss your goals, help you develop your social and methodological skills, and give you regular feedback on your performance and conduct at work.

At Wander, we also aim to foster team spirit and a fun learning environment. We offer you the opportunity to learn with other apprentices and to attend group training courses. Various events and the end-of-apprenticeship party complete your basic training with us.

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We offer a range of interesting and exciting apprenticeships. To give you an inside view of what you can expect, we’ve handed the floor to our apprentices and asked them about their time at Wander: