Food technologist EFZ

Specialisation: Dry goods

Your training

Duration: Three years

Rotation: Regular rotation through different production facilities

Vocational school: Berufsbildungszentrum Wädenswil

School days: Courses in three-week blocks

Inter-company courses: Internships of two and three days in the second year of your apprenticeship

Qualification: Food technologist EF

Your job

  • Processing agricultural commodities and additives (flavourings, vitamins, etc.) according to recipes for ready-to-eat foods or intermediate goods
  • Monitoring and cleaning computer-controlled production and packaging facilities 
  • Carrying out regular product quality checks, taking samples and analysing them in the laboratory

What you offer

  • You’ve finished secondary school (Sekundarschule) or achieved excellent grades in junior high school (Realschule) and in year 10
  • Good grades in maths and German 
  • You enjoy biology, chemistry and physics
  • You enjoy working with food, modern production facilities and packing machines 
  • You understand technology and have good technical skills 
  • You can keep an overview of complex production processes 
  • You are reliable and thorough 
  • You have good observational skills and a good sense of smell and taste 
  • You have a sense for cleanliness and hygiene 
  • You are in good health (standing work) 
  • You are prepared to work flexible hours (shift work)

Your future

After your apprenticeship, you can work as a line manager in a production or packaging department and will soon be able to lead a small team. But you could also specialise in other areas, e.g. quality assurance or product development. You can continue your training with a view to becoming an area or production manager. Your options include the examination for the Federal Diploma of Higher Education (Berufsprüfung), examination for the Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education (höhere Fachprüfung), or a bachelor’s degree after you’ve completed your Federal Vocational Baccalaureate (Berufsmaturität).