Working at Wander

Where your strengths meet opportunity

Become a part of the Wander success story. Look after trusted and much-loved brands such as Ovomaltine, Caotina, Isostar and Twinings. And work in a company with strong roots in Switzerland and an international presence.

We’ll give you the chance to take on new challenges. Or get back to work after a career break. We’re not only interested in your experience, but also your talent, passion and innovation. Get to know the different areas of our business, or specialise in a specific part of our industry. At Wander, we try to identify your strengths and support you with the right career opportunities.

We help you get started

We want to be successful with you. That’s why we make a significant investment in integrating our new employees. Thanks to our personalised induction programme, you will quickly get to grips with our corporate culture, the company and your future role. This should help you get off to a flying start in your new team. You’ll also sit down with your team leader to define specific career goals and development steps. You’ll benefit from regular performance reviews, where you can give feedback on your work and progress towards your goals. This will allow you to focus on your strengths and put them to good use from day one.

We support your development

At Wander, you have the chance to develop on a technical, methodological and personal level. In regular assessments, you will identify what we require from you and your work, and what qualifications you need. We will work together to define your next development goals and outline a strategy for you to achieve them. Feedback is important to us.

For employees to develop at Wander, they must be committed and eager to learn. If that’s the case, you can be sure that we will support your ambitions and offer you an environment in which you can realise them. We are committed to investing in our employees’ ongoing development. And the effort pays off, as we fill the majority of our management positions internally.