Food practitioner EBA

Your training

Duration: Two years

Rotation: Regular rotation through different production facilities

Vocational school: Berufsbildungszentrum Wädenswil

School days: Courses in one- or two-week blocks

Qualification: Food practitioner EBA

Your job

  • Taking deliveries of raw materials, weighing them and checking their quality 
  • Operating and monitoring production machines and filling lines 
  • Identifying and correcting faults 
  • Cleaning machinery and filling lines after a product has been manufactured

What you offer

  • You have completed your compulsory education 
  • You have a good knowledge of German 
  • You enjoy working with food, equipment and machinery 
  • You understand technology and have good technical skills 
  • You are reliable and responsible 
  • You have good observational skills and a good sense of smell and taste 
  • You have a sense for cleanliness and hygiene 
  • You are in good health (standing work) 
  • You are prepared to work flexible hours (shift work)

Your future

After you have successfully completed your Federal VET Certificate, you will work on the production or packaging lines and can progress to line manager after a few years experience. If you achieve excellent school grades, you can complete the apprenticeship for food technologists and thus earn a Federal VET Diploma.