Wander AG Switzerland

Wander AG develops, produces and markets internationally successful brands such as Ovomaltine®, Caotina®, Twinings®, Dawa®, Jemalt® and Isostar®, and is a leading food manufacturer. We’ve been bringing a smile to our customers’ faces for more than 150 years – whether by getting their day off to a great start or helping them quell any hunger pangs or quench their thirst between meals. 
Our range includes tea and breakfast drinks, breakfast cereals, spreads, chocolate, biscuits, snack bars and desserts, as well as speciality foods for athletes and weight management. 

Since the very beginning, we have manufactured in Switzerland. We produce a range of products at our Neuenegg facility near Bern, including Ovomaltine® and Caotina® powder for the entire European market. A third of the products we make are sold in Switzerland, while the rest are exported to some 50 countries around the world. Together with Wander GmbH, which has had its own sales and marketing team in Germany since July 2020, Wander has around 300 employees. 

We are a subsidiary of Associated British Foods, one of the largest international food corporations. ABF markets renowned brands such as Twinings®, Ovomaltine®, Blue Dragon®, Jordans® and Ryvita®.