Computer Scientist EFZ

Focus: System technology

Your training

Duration: Four years

Location: Neuenegg

Vocational school: ASCOM Berufsbildungscenter in Bümpliz (Bern) and Gewerblich-Industriellen Berufsfachschule in Bern.

School days: First year of apprenticeship, basic training at the ASCOM Berufsbildungscenter
                       Second to fourth year of apprenticeship, two days per week

Qualification: Computer Scientist EFZ

Your job

  • Developing IT concepts 
  • Installing computers, servers and networks 
  • Upgrading device configurations and software installations 
  • Training users 
  • Maintaining hardware, software and networks 
  • Troubleshooting

What you offer

  • You have finished secondary school (Sekundarschule)
  • You have good grades in maths and languages (German and English) 
  • You are interested in computer technology 
  • You work systematically and have the ability to concentrate 
  • You are quick to identify technical connections 
  • You are a real team player and enjoy working with others 
  • You are patient and resilient

Your future

Once you have completed your apprenticeship, you can gain valuable experience in the fields of support or system technology. IT is a broad field that is evolving rapidly – so it’s vital that you continue to develop your skills. You can do this with IT-specific training and development courses at a PET college (HF) or technical college (FH), for example.