Welcome to Wander Gastro, Wander’s food service division.

Gastronomy services

Do you serve Ovomaltine®, Caotina®, Dawa®, Punch®, or Twinings®tea in your company? We’re pleased to hear it! We are delighted to offer various services to support you.

In the ‘Product overview’ section, you will find detailed information about our Gastronomy range and about the composition of the individual products. If you have any questions, one of our sales consultants will be happy to help you. They are also available to assist you in placing an order for products or service materials.

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Wander products let you create wonderful meals, drinks and desserts with minimal effort. Be inspired by our recipe suggestions. For advertising media, as well as for menus or dessert menus, we are happy to provide images and text materials free of charge.

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