Our culture

Stronger together

We set ourselves ambitious goals that we pursue with a clear vision and strategy. High levels of customer satisfaction, enthusiastic team members and long-term, profitable growth are the strategic goals of our long-term vision. Our values shape how we interact with each other at Wander and how we learn from one another.

This unique corporate culture is the foundation for our long-standing business success, which we unite with social responsibility and environmental protection.

Wander United

A company is only as good as the sum of its employees. Which is why it’s so important that Wander asks its employees what they think. One way we do this is through regular employee surveys. They offer all team members the opportunity to give feedback on various areas of the company – so we can keep improving.

The response rate is extremely high: 90% of all employees take part in the surveys. 86% declare that they are proud to work at Wander. 

People love Wander – something that Wander employees have known for some time. This reaffirms our ambition to be a model employer.