Rum punch

Punch that tastes like rum, but contains no alcohol – made by Wander.

A traditional choice that always tastes great. During the cold days of winter, Wander’s rum punch is comforting and good for the soul – and it doesn’t contain any alcohol. 

Instant beverage with rum flavour, rich in vitamin C.

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Nutritional Values
Additional Product Information
Ingredients: Sugar, flavours Rum flavour 6.6%, instant caramel, glucose syrup, acidulant citric acid, Vitamins C, 0.5% tea-extract.
Contains: Does not contain any allergens with a mandatory declaration
Nutritional Values
100 g 1 Portion 1)
Amount Unit %NRV / VNR * Amount Unit %NRV / VNR *
Energy 387 Kilocalorie 85 Kilocalorie
Energy 1643 Kilojoule 362 Kilojoule
Fat 0.1 Gram 0 Gram
of which saturated fatty acids 0.1 Gram 0 Gram
Carbohydrate 96.2 Gram 21.2 Gram
of which sugars 83.6 Gram 18.4 Gram
Protein 0.2 Gram 0 Gram
Salt 0 Gram 0 Gram
Vitamin C 364 Milligram 455 80 Milligram 100
Additional Product Information
Regulated product name
Instant beverage with Rum flavour, rich in vitamin C
Net content
1.1 Kilograms
Net content statement
50 x 22g = 1100g
Number of servings per package
Preparation instructions
Dissolve 1 sachet in 2dl hot water, stir well and enjoy.
Country of origin
Distributor name and address
Wander AG, Fabrikstrasse 10, 3176 Neuenegg, CH
Manufacturer name and address
Wander AG, Fabrikstrasse 10, 3176 Neuenegg, CH