Indulgence comes in many forms.

There are some moments that simply cannot be described in words. They have to be experienced by the mind and body – through taste, aroma and more. Caotina’s unique chocolate taste stimulates the senses and transports you into a state of bliss like you’ve never felt before.

Invented during a winter so cold that Lake Constance froze solid, Caotina – a melodious, exotic name for a product designed to be savoured – was released onto the market by Wander AG in 1963. Ever since then, it has been the product people turn to when they want to enjoy a moment of indulgence. A beverage made from the finest Swiss chocolate that stimulates all the senses.

Even today, after more than half a century, Caotina continues to be produced with great care and the finest ingredients in Neuenegg, right in the heart of Switzerland. Caotina original – which contains real Swiss milk chocolate – is our classic product. Caotina noir and blanc are the first dark and white drinking chocolate products on the market. A creamy sandwich spread was also recently released under the Caotina brand: Caotina Crème Chocolat. 

Many people know Caotina from their childhood and associate the product with personal experiences such as skiing holidays and time spent with their family. What’s more, with an established presence in over 20 different countries, Caotina is loved by people outside Switzerland too.

Caotina indulgence