From popular black tea to a colourful world of flavour

It all began in the year 1706, when Thomas Twining opened Tom’s Coffee House in London. At a time when coffee was king, Thomas bucked the trend – and sold tea. His creations tasted exquisite, and word quickly spread about the high quality of his teas. It wasn’t long before tea became the nation’s most popular hot drink. Thomas even created personalised teas for the nobility: for example, the Earl of Grey. Earl Grey tea owes its name to him – and it’s still one of the world’s most popular teas today. What began with Tom’s Coffee House has now become a synonym for truly superior tea: Twinings.

Three hundred years later, we’re still just as passionate about creating sensational teas. With unique flair, our Twinings master blenders combine the best possible ingredients to produce a perfect harmony. In this way, we continue to produce exciting, soothing and refreshing new tea blends to ensure that your teatime remains as exceptional as ever.

Twinings – as colourful as your life

Everyday life can be tough going sometimes – and a cup of tea might be just what you need. With its new communications campaign, Twinings is putting the focus on consumers and is showing in a refreshing way that there is a tea to suit every mood and occasion. The great thing about Twinings: our selection of teas is as colourful as life is.

We hope you enjoy exploring our fresh and colourful range of teas!