Your Time. Your Tea.

Twinings has been creating quality tea using only the best ingredients for more than 300 years. As a tea expert, Twinings always endeavours to provide consumers with the top tea products on the market. 

Thanks to its unrivalled passion and knowledge gained through experience, Twinings has perfected the art of blending tea. All of our efforts have a single goal in mind: to make every cup an unforgettable experience for tea lovers everywhere.

Time and again, our tea experts channel their passion for their craft into creating new, innovative tea products. They are extremely meticulous in selecting only the best tea varieties, they mix them with the greatest finesse, and they turn the ingredients into exclusive teas that provide the perfect blend of taste and aroma. The company sells more than 40 varieties of tea in Switzerland. Twinings covers all segments – herbal, fruit, green and black teas – so that customers can choose the right tea for every mood and every occasion.

For the love of tea: the perfect cup to suit every taste.