Modifast – my ideal weight is ideal for me!

There are many occasions in life when we want to have a good figure. Bikini season, for example, is a time when people put their summer bodies on show, while an elegant dinner is a unique opportunity to dress to impress. And one priority for new mothers is to get their silhouette back.

The Modifast diet helps you to start losing weight through high-protein, low-calorie products. The Modifast programme can be followed as a 4-step diet plan or according to your own schedule. Modifast has a range of great-tasting products in different flavours to help you add variety to your diet. From beverages, bars and soups through to spreads, there are products to cater for every taste.

Protein plays a key role when losing weight. You should only consume as many carbohydrates and fats as is necessary. Your body supplements the missing energy from your fat reserves, leading your body to lose fat while retaining your muscle tissue – this is how Modifast works. You, too, can reach your desired weight using the right weight-loss strategy and the Modifast diet plan!

Modifast® has been an expert in diet products and weight management since 1970. Our approach is based on complete weight-loss programmes and low-calorie diet products, including meal substitutes that have been clinically tested.

Along with its tasty, low-calorie products and scientifically proven methods, Modifast® provides great recipes and tips on how to lose weight and eat healthily.