Vacuum belt drying

Vacuum belt drying is a unique process where liquid products are dried very gently. During drying the product is under a vacuum from the first moment. This way the temperatures are kept so low that valuable and sensitive components, such as e.g. vitamin and minerals are retained and remain functional in the dried product.

Our vacuum belt driers as well as the control correspond to the most up-to-date technology and are suitable for the manufacture of many different products.

Operating mode

If a product is dried in a vacuum the boiling point of the evaporating water is lowered. Water boils at ambient pressure (approx. 1000 mbar) at approx. 100C. At a pressure / vacuum of 45 mbar water already evaporates at a temperature of approx. 31C. In our driers the product is channelled through various heating and cooling zones. Through the different temperatures in the heating / cooling zones the dwell time of the product in the drier and the low pressure /vacuum set products can be influenced with regard to the desired aroma intensity and bulk density.