Barley malt extract is the heart and soul of our products."  Benjamin Reh, Process engineer


We have already been using our barley malt extract for over a century in our own products, the best example of this is Ovomaltine which came on the market for the first time in 1904. Since then Ovomaltine/Ovaltine has been one of the best loved and most successful Swiss products of all time and is in the meantime sold and consumed in over 100 countries with great success.
Wander has therefore more than 100 years know-how in the area of the development and manufacture of barley malt extract in both liquid and dried form and we would like to make this available to you. With us as manufacturing partner you will have the advantage of our technological and process control knowledge with respect to malt extraction, evaporation and vacuum drying and we would like to make this available to you. With this broad know-how, experience in the manufacture and further processing of barley malt extract and also with the aid of our modern production plants we guarantee you the best possible success for your ideas and requirements.
Alongside the manufacture of barley malt extract and our products containing barley malt extract we also have many years of experience in other areas of the manufacture and processing of powder products. We would similarly be pleased to be allowed to serve you in the following areas as a reliable partner: