Duo fit

Duo fit contains many raw materials that are good for you: the protein and minerals contained in milk provide the body with the fuel it needs for the whole day, the dextrose gives you an energy boost, and the vitamins improve your mental and physical well-being. An aromatic mixture of selected coffees is what gives Duo fit its full-bodied taste. Duo fit is easy to prepare. Simply pour hot water or warm milk onto the powder, stir and enjoy. Produced by Wander.

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Nutritional Values
Additional Product Information
Ingredients: Glucose syrup with 9% dextrose, 18% skimmed milk concentrate, 11% whole milk powder, 7% coffee-extract, sugar, colouring agent caramel, 3% skimmed milk powder, acidity regulator: sodium hydrogen carbonate, salt, rapeseed oil, 9 vitamins (A, D, B1, B2, niacin, B6, folic acid, B12, pantothenic acid), emulsifier (E471), antioxidants: ascorbyl palmitate and Alpha-Tocopherol.
Contains: Milk (including lactose)
Nutritional Values
100 g 1 Portion 1)
Amount Unit %NRV / VNR * Amount Unit %NRV / VNR *
Energy 391 Kilocalorie 66 Kilocalorie
Energy 1657 Kilojoule 282 Kilojoule
Fat 3 Gram 0.5 Gram
of which saturated fatty acids 2.2 Gram 0.4 Gram
Carbohydrate 78 Gram 13.3 Gram
of which sugars 38 Gram 6.5 Gram
Fibre 2 Gram 0.3 Gram
Protein 12 Gram 2 Gram
Salt 0.8 Gram 0.1 Gram
Vitamin A 800 Microgram 100 136 Microgram 17
Vitamin D 5 Microgram 100 0.9 Microgram 17
Thiamin 1.1 Milligram 100 0.2 Milligram 17
Riboflavin 1.4 Milligram 100 0.2 Milligram 17
Niacin 16 Milligram 100 2.7 Milligram 17
Vitamin B6 1.4 Milligram 100 0.2 Milligram 17
Folic acid 200 Microgram 100 34 Microgram 17
Vitamin B12 2.5 Microgram 100 0.4 Microgram 17
Pantothenic acid 6 Milligram 100 1 Milligram 17
Additional Product Information
Regulated product name
Instant beverage on the basis of milk, coffee, dextrose and vitamins
Additional information
Contains antioxidant
Contains antioxidant
Net content
1 Kilograms
Number of servings per package
Consumer storage instructions
We recommend to fill the content of the bag into a storage container.
Preparation instructions
2-3 heaped tea spoon per cup dissolved in hot (not cooking) water, warm milk can also be used to prepare.
Country of origin
Distributor name and address
Wander AG, Fabrikstrasse 10, 3176 Neuenegg, CH
Manufacturer name and address
Wander AG, Fabrikstrasse 10, 3176 Neuenegg, CH